Japan Entry Services
Hong Kong Entry Services

Japan Entry Services

Japanese Company Set Up and Company Bank Account Opening

Q. Want to invest in Japan or start a business, but not sure what to do?

A. Let us assist you in starting your business in Japan easily!

Application for Japanese Visa/Status of Residence

Q. Wanting to live in Japan, but not sure how to start?

A. Let us plan your move to Japan with you!

Japan Living Assist

Q. Worry about ongoing support after migrating to a new country?
A. We can help you through the process of buying or renting a residential place, office or shop and interpreting various applications in Japan government departments etc.
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Hong Kong Entry Services

Hong Kong Company Set Up, Accounting and Taxation

Let us help you set up company in Hong Kong quickly and open company bank account. Our accountants will handle the company’s accounting and taxation for you.

Virtual Office and Serviced Offices

We provide you with the company’s registration and correspondence address, professional secretary answers your phone calls, and a fully equipped office.

Applying for Hong Kong Visas and Government Funds

We can help you apply for a Hong Kong visa based on your qualifications and experience as well as assist you in applying for various business funds provided by the Hong Kong government.

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Why Choose Us


Extensive Experience

We have over 20 years of experience in assisting clients from 25 countries and regions to set up over ten thousand Hong Kong, Japan and overseas companies. We have been assisting clients from different industries around the world to set up their business in Hong Kong, dealing with the complicated requirements on company taxation and company secretarial matters, reducing expenses and costs, allowing clients to focus their time and resources on developing their business.


One-stop Shop Service

Starting from setting up a Hong Kong or Japanese company, our clients can rent our fully equipped serviced office or virtual office services. Our accountants will help in the follow up of accounting and taxation issues of our clients. We also have a professional team assisting staff and company representatives of the applicant companies in obtaining visas to work in Hong Kong or Japan.

In addition, we also assist Hong Kong clients to apply for different types of Japanese Residence Status (visas). Our immigration consultants will first understand the situation of clients and provide appropriate suggestions for them, such as which is the most suitable visa to apply for and what preparation is needed to be done to enable a good start and greater success for their future business. Below are two examples of our clients:

Client Mr. Song – planned to apply for a Business Manager Residence Status (visa). After understanding his academic qualifications and working experience, our immigration consultant suggested him to apply for a more advanced visa, the Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals visa. This advance visa could enable him to have a 5-year Status of Residency and apply for Permanent Residency as quick as three years after living in Japan. He could then develop his business in Japan with more peace of mind. (Client Mr. Song is now applying for [Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals] visa as well as the BUD Fund assistant from the Hong Kong Government)

Mr. Song,

Client Mr. Kwong – our immigration consultant noticed that his company in Hong Kong was eligible to apply for the Hong Kong Government’s enterprises development funding and suggested that he should apply for the HK Government’s BUD Fund. As this could allow him to have more capital to start his business in Japan and achieve greater success. (He has already successfully obtained BUD fund to develop his business in Japan and was successfully granted a Japan Business Manager Residence Status (visa)).

Mr. Kwong,


Professional Support

Our team of professionals in Hong Kong and Japan includes Company Secretary, Accountant, Tax Accountant, Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist, Lawyer, etc., specializing in serving every client.

About us

Wingate Business was established at Hong Kong in 2000, and has been providing one-stop shop professional business services to a wide range of clients in Hong Kong and around the world for over 20 years. Our company name, WINGATE, is based on leading you through the GATE of success through developing and expanding your business while accumulating wealth, thus helping you to create your dream, which is the dream of our founders – to help businesses like yours succeed. Wingate Business has already helped over ten thousand companies to start and develop their business. It is our pride and honour that Wingate Business can expand as our clients grow.

Our Wingate Japan Co., Ltd (official Japanese name: 日本ウィンゲート株式会社) was set up in April of 2020, to provide service to the clients in Japan. This will enable Wingate Business to better serve its clients in Japan and at the same time, attract more Japanese companies to develop their business in Hong Kong and stretch their wings.

Wingate provides one-stop professional business services to clients in Hong Kong, Japan and other countries, assisting them in setting up companies in Hong Kong and Japan, handling follow-up accounting and taxation services, providing business office services, handling various types of visas for entry into Hong Kong and Japan, and leading their business to success in both Hong Kong and Japan.

Our Japan Office

Japan Wingate Co., Ltd.

Flat 101-101, Emerald Heights, Motomachi 1-13-21, Kiyose, Tokyo 〒204-0021, Japan


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Establishment Date: 1 April 2020

Our Hong Kong Office

Wingate Business Ltd.

Room 3208, 32/F, Central Plaza, 18 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

TEL:+852-2830-9999(English and Chinese)

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Establishment Date: 10 April 2000

Management Team

Michael Chan
Michael ChanRepresentative Director
Yasunori Shibata
Yasunori ShibataRepresentative Director


Zoe Chan

Miyako Arai

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