Japan Entry Services

  • Establishment of Japan Co., Ltd.

  • Open a Japanese Company Bank Account

  • Applying for a Visa (Residence Status)

  • Follow-up Support Services

Japan Wingate can assist you in establishing a company in Japan, opening a company bank account, and applying for various Japanese residence status/visa. With the support of our consultants together with our local Japanese professional team, we hope these services can assist you get started, develop or expand your business easily, and able to start an enjoyable new life with your family in Japan.

How can we assist you?

How can we assist you?

1. Understanding

First, our professional consultants will understand your situation – past experience, current situation and future plans of our clients who want to immigrate to Japan.

How can we assist you?

2. Evaluation

  • We will review the client’s situation and information provided to find out if there is any way to shorten the length of time to become a permanent resident.
  • Evaluate the client’s business plan and make recommendations.
  • If the client already has a Hong Kong company, we can assist them in obtaining various resources, including Hong Kong government business financial assistance. These Hong Kong government funding schemes include “the BUD Fund”, “Technology Voucher Programme” (TVP), “SME Export Marketing Fund ” (Small and Medium Enterprises EMF), and “Enterprise Support Scheme” (ESS) etc. can give our clients an extra boost in expanding their markets in Japan.

How can we assist you?

3. Preparation

We will assist our clients in preparing the necessary application documents and preparing a business plan for the proposed Japanese business.

How can we assist you?

4. Application

  • The establishment of Japan Co., Ltd (Kabushiki Gaisha)
  • Open a Japanese Company Bank Account
  • Apply for various Visas (Residence Status)

The person who runs a business can apply for a Business Manager visa and obtain a one-year of residence, while family members can apply for family stay. If you qualify, you can apply for a Highly Skilled Professional status and obtain a five-year of residence, and you can apply for permanent residency after living in Japan as short as one year.

Furthermore, from April 2023, a new Japan visa system called the Special Highly Skilled Professionals Visa (J-Skip) is available to those who meet the requirements of the following qualifications (e.g. those in employment with an annual income of at least 20 Million Yen or those who run or manage a company with an annual income at least 40 Million Yen).

Another new Japan visa system is the Future Creation Individual Visa (J-Find). If you are a graduate within 5 years from a university in the top 100 Universities in at least 2 of the following ranking lists (QS, Times and ARWU), you are eligible to apply. You can be granted a maximum of 2 years’ residence.

Here are some common examples and copies of the Certificate of Eligibility that we have helped our clients of obtain.

Residence Status (Visa) The Person Who Can Apply
Business manager Person who runs or manages a company, for a person who is granted a 1-year Status of Residency for the first time
Dependent (Spouse or Family) The family of a foreigner who lives in Japan, i.e. a dependent visa
Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services A person employed by a Japanese company
Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals * A person who is qualified to work or do business in Japan will be able to apply for Permanent Residency as quick as 1 year of continuously living in Japan, for a person who is granted a 5-year Status of Residency for the first time
Designated Activities For short term visa holder and the person can establish a Japan Co. Ltd.( Kabushiki Gaisha) after arriving in Japan

How can we assist you?

5. Follow-up Support

After the client successfully obtains a visa (Residence Status) and moves to Japan, we can continue to provide advice and support on starting and operating a business and in starting a new life in Japan. We can provide translation services in the areas of office and residential rental, personal banking etc. as well as providing a visa renewal service. Furthermore, we will also introduce our cooperating partners such as tax accountant and lawyer to our client.

Wingate’s Japan business centre location is only a 4-minute walk from the Kiyose Station in Tokyo, where we now provide offices and shop space in various sizes for rent. Each tenant will have their company name plate put at the business centre’s street facing entrance, their individual mailbox (with company name) and they will have their company name plate on their office’s wooden door to meet the requirements for the Business Manager visa. The tenant can also use the address as a registered address for government correspondence. You only need to pay a monthly fee, with no guarantor needed. Newly opened on 28th December, 2022, we are having a Grand Opening offer with a special monthly rental fee starting from HK$2,800, which includes services such as office desk, chair, utilities, Wi-Fi and so on. Please feel few to contact us today to find out more information of our new office in Tokyo.

※ we now only have Room H available for rent in our Japan business centre, with all other rooms and desks occupied. Thank you very much for your support.

The monthly office rental fee package includes the following facilities and services:

  • Office desk, comfortable swivel chair.
  • 24-hour free WiFi Internet access.
  • Air-conditioning, electricity and lighting supply.
  • 24-hour office access.
  • Free use of common meeting space.
  • 24-hour video security system.
  • No management and government fees.

Visa Service Price List:

Residence Status (Visa) Type Fee (HK$) Remarks
Business Manager 35,000 For business owner or manager
Family Stay 12,000 For spouse and children
Engineer/Specialist in
Humanities/International Service
25,000 Working visa
Highly Skilled Professional 48,000 For qualified highly skilled individual
Permanent Residence 25,000 Can apply as quick as one year after living in Japan
Special Highly Skilled Professionals (J-Skip) 25,000 For employee of a company
Special Highly Skilled Professionals (J-Skip) 48,000 For company owner or manager
Future Creation Individual (J-Find) 12,800 For an individual within 5 years after university graduation

*The above fees include all the services needed for the application, such as correspondence, translation, advice on starting a business, what techniques to obtain a Highly Skilled Foreign Professional visa and producing a business plan, etc.

If you would like more information, to help us understand your situation more and to give more tailored advice suitable to your need, please fill in the form below. Thank you!

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